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How are they formed?

First, a star goes supernova. A dying star explodes in a violent flash a light. In order for a star to go supernova it must have a mass of at least 3 solar masses. This process is triggered by the star running out of fuel for fusion in its core, and collapsing in on itself, only to bounce back in a violent fiery death. During this bounce,  a group

A computer created picture of Eta Caritines explosive death in 1850

matter (iron, hydrogen, helium etc.) are throw into a cloud of dust surrounding what was the star. That dust begins to collect immediately at the remnant of the core. More and more matter is condensed into this area gravity pulls the matter so close that neutrons no longer can exist. Matter is squished to almost infinite density as it approaches the Schwarzschild Radius. This term means the radius at which the clump of matter must have in order to become a black hole for that particular star. It involves confusing physics, so trust me, if the black hole is to form, it needs to pass the Schwarzschild Radius or Rs. After that process, there we have it. Our very own Black Hole.