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What do they do when they're alive?

Everyone seems to think that black holes just suck up everything in sight, shoving everything into an oblivion completely impenetrable by anything. It's true that they do suck up matter, but only stuff close to them. They have the same gravity over long distances as the star that created them. Just when stuff gets too close to it's 'Event Horizon' does it get sucked up. The 'Event Horizon' is a sphere surrounding a black hole that nothing can escape when it enters. This includes light, and any matter. Even the Starship Enterprise wouldn't be able to warp out of a black hole, even if Scotty got the power he's always asking for. To tell you the truth, they don't do much when they're alive. Depending on the kind of Black Hole (static, charged, rotating, or rotating and charged) they hang out. Sometimes they steal matter from nearby nebulae or stars. Slowly, through a process called Hawking Radiation, they die out.