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Friday, April 6, 2001:
We were invited to Nationals.

Monday, April 9, 2001:
Game against Amherst College tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001:
Matt Demaine died of heart failure yesterday. He was 19. We are going to kill Amherst College.
Just got back from the game. We played alright. Lost 14-10. Played great second half. Defense played well.

Tuesday, 4/17,
the young men and women of Flaked Tuna hosted their first home game against a scrappy squad from The Putney School. Despite forecasts of snow which nearly canceled the game, and looming storm clouds that threatened to actually cancel it, the Tuna gritted its teeth and unleashed some serious disc fury, serving up a shutout, 15-0.

The win represented a complete team effort for Tuna, with every member of the team seeing serious action and nine different players scoring goals or assists. We made a much more determined effort to safeguard the disc this game, and the results paid off. The team had almost as many deflections (7) as they did drops and bad passes (9). This is a dramatic improvement from last game.

Alas, the win proved to be a pyrrhic victory for the Tuna, as they saw two of their starting players go down to injuries. Colin Mahoney hurt himself during warmups and Kelvin Martinez injured his ankle during the game.  Despite these setbacks, we will prepare to throw down the gauntlet for our next game on Monday against Amherst High School.

Highlights from the second game:
Sadie Childs scored her first goal of the season.
Keefe Durgin added a goal and assist in his first serious action.
Isaac Goldstein ran the goal-line offense to perfection, dishing out five assists and also contribution two big deflections.
Jacob Goldstein gave another great all around effort, with one goal, three assists, two d-blocks, and a gorgeous layout goal in the second half.
Jasper Hoitsma let all the dogs out with a whopping five goals, including a very nice layout to start the scoring rampage. He also added three assists and a steal.
Kelvin Martinez always seemed to get open in the end zone, scoring three goals before he left due to injury.
Dan Nelson a clear team leader contributed a great amount to the game by being a part of the play every time he was on the field.
Stephen Pancoe scored his first goal of the season.
Misha Sidorsky gave another great effort, tossing two assists and adding a steal. He also ate some serious dirt with two nice layouts.
Jeff Stewart scored a goal and also wants everyone to know that his man never, never touched the disc. (I mean never.)
Seth Stewart made some great cuts and scored two goals as a result. He also tossed an assist and had a great steal.

Season Record: 1-1
Next game: Amherst High School, Monday 4/23