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Dan "Wings" Nelson
6'0''; 165 lbs; 6'3'' wingspan.
This returning senior has some of the best hands on the team. He is one of our many layout artists, he has been known to fly. TUNA! TUNA! His attitude and brains on the field is one of a pro. He reads his D-blocks. If you don't throw in fear of him getting one, you will get stuffed.

Isaac "Golden Jew/Lefty" Goldstein
5'8'; 140 lbs.
Don't be fooled by his size--what he lacks vertically is grossly made up in speed, knowledge of the game and sheer determination. Isaac is one of the keystones of the team and its direction. He continues to  lead it up and onward.  Skill wise, he is on par, with winding hammers, deep backhands, and precise forehand's. Somehow, even the "thumber" fits in his arsenal.

Jasper "Father" Hoitsma
5'8''; 140 lbs.
What can I say but this kid chucks the mellow earth biscuit like few can. Sniping receivers from the handler position with inside-outs, outside-ins and hammer like no one has ever seen the likes of. Father Hoitsma resonates organic skill found no where else but NMH. His red hair represents his disc skills. On fire. Ouch! It burns.

Neale "Calculator" Mahoney
6'4''; 190 lbs.
Be afraid, be very afraid. His work ethic and calculating mind tears apart the mentally weak. He plays like a machine, forehands, backhands, hammers all to perfection. His forehand has been measured in distance at 100 yards. When a human falters, the machine grinds on. He will win. He will. He.

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