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Jacob "Mini" Goldstein
5'10''; 150 lbs.
Jacob has proven his worth as a handler, deep, and team leader despite his age. He has been playing longer than anyone of the team, and it shows in his knowledge of the game. His quickness, jumping ability and field intensity place him among the best in the country. A product of the Amherst Ultimate farm, the Tuna has tuned his skills. He is now a full fledged, and flaked, Tuna. TUNA-NA-NA-NA

Colin "Kareem" Mahoney
6'6''; 190 lbs.
The younger of the two Mahoney's, this kid is just as tall as we say. He's TALL! It's scary. Seriously. And he's not just tall, he's agile. He plays on a Nationally Ranked Club soccer team. He's still tall. Really tall. I'm scared. Hold me...

Surgeon General's Warning: It has been known to cause embarrassment and general frustration when attempting to jump over Colin Mahoney.

Chris "Hands" Farina
5'11''; 170.
The nickname speaks for itself. Have you ever watched someone catch something they really should not have caught? Well that's what he does. It's like watching a frog catch a fly. We don't understand it. But yet, we worship it. Defense beware. Not to mention he is a varsity soccer player known for his quickness, brains and speed.
Yes, for all the ladies out there, he's just as Italian as you want him to be. Grrrrrrrr.

Derek "Gangles" Innes
6'4''; 180.
He's gangly. He catches discs. Jasper and Gangles have some kind of physique connection. Whenever Jasper has the disc he throws it to Gangles. We believe Father Hoitsma and Gangles share the force. Yeah, just like the movie. You know, Yoda, Luke, R2D2. Darth Vader. The whole gang. Watch the movies again. You'll see the Tuna. The Tuna is everywhere. They even pilot a ship in the 3rd one--remember?  The force is in Gangles and it's in Star Wars. Beware. TUNA. TUNA!

Misha "frosh" Sidorsky
5'8'' 130 lbs
Freshman-yes, unskilled-no. This youngster has been playing disc since he was a whipper-snapper (don't ask me, it was something my Grandma used to say). Hands of glue and laser throws make Misha a danger to any team. He works hard, and will only get better.  Oh, if you are wonder about the helmet, he is only a Junior Olympic quality Alpine Ski Racer.
Note: this means we have fire and ice….. Mwha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

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